Complaint form

On behalf of Elon Group AB we are sorry to hear that you have experienced a problem with your Canvac product.
One of the terms of your guarantee is that you can show evidence of your purchase in the form of a receipt.

Air-to-air heat pump and permanently installed air conditioning
During the service visit you should show your purchase receipt and installation receipt to the service technician.

Dehumidifiers, humidifiers, ventilation units, portable refrigeration systems, fans, radiators or robotic vacuum cleaners.
The above products should be returned to the store; please take along your receipt/invoice.

Central vacuum cleaner
Bought in store: During the service visit you should show your purchase receipt or purchase invoice to the service technician.

Already installed when house was bought: During the service visit you should show your final inspection report (dated before you moved in) to the service technician.

Approval of terms

I accept that I myself bear the cost of the service visit (minimum SEK 1,175) during the warranty and complaint period:

  • If no error can be detected.
  • In case of incorrect installation.
  • In case of incorrect handling or lack of maintenance and cleaning (handling error).
  • In the event of an unsuccessful complaint.

I agree that the information I have provided in connection with the error report may be handled and stored by Elon Group AB. The information will be passed on to the service company that will perform the service. To read our privacy policy, click here.

Complete terms and conditions for guarantees on – click here.

Elon store has the duty of information to the consumer regarding service cost.